Who thinks Rock n Roll is dead..?

The story

Black Sheriff

has been around since 2007 and still are not dead Glen Clarke and Tom Voltage started the band after playin together in Dumbell.

They both discovered their love for 80s hard rock and decided to do a thing together. What could have been another Mötley Crü:e knock off turned into an even insaner version of The Dead Boys.

Riffs from hell met solos from purgatory and the first 2 albums were burned into history ! .

After 2 albums

Mr Voltage decided to leave the band due to prior engagements and the Fuck Off Rock version of Black Sheriff was born

Featuring Mr. Doc. B. Danger of Fyredogs fame, Mr Randy De Souza and Mr Chris Crapule, "Night Terrors" became the album that the band was looking for.

Rookie Records decided that this shit was not half bad and decided to bring out the next fucked up albums, ending in the last piece of abnormality, "Party Killer".

After 4 albums

and around 300 shows, in over 10 countries, with bands like "Anvil, Supersuckers, Skew Siskin, Rhino Bucket and The Last Vegas" Black Sheriff are ready to rock the shit out of everything !

An explosive live show featiring songs that will make you dance, laugh and drink, Black Sheriff are the perfect answer to a world where everyone thinks Rock n Roll is dead. Is it fuck !!

Upcoming Shows

24 Mär 2020 D | Cologne | Sonic Ballroom with Supersuckers

30 Apr 2020 D | Cologne | MTC with Dirty Denims

24 Okt 2020 D | Erfurt | Ilvers


Here's the boys celebrating the Wonders of a lifetime of Rock 'n Roll, caught in some very atmospheric images.

If you need a press info sheet (in German or English) or full size promo photo('s) please mail us at this address:
info@blacksheriff.com or use the contact form to send the Deputy Of Rock a message!

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Video's from over the years as seen on our YouTube channel

Seven Shades
Night Terrors
Music Store Interview
I want you


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Rockmageddon Split Single

€ 5

(+ € 3 postage)

Split Single with Mosquito Jack on 45" Vinyl

Track List
  1. Black Sheriff
    Gold Whores and Mothers
  2. Black Sheriff
  3. Mosquito Jack
    You Got It Right
  4. Mosquito Jack
    Rose Scented Naked Girl

Party Killer

€ 12

(+ € 3 postage)

Album - Party Killer (2015)

Track List
  1. Heavy Metal Hooker
  2. Marilyn Jayne
  3. Give It All
  4. Seven Shades
  5. Mainline
  6. Time To Play
  7. Kill The Wolves
  8. Ride The Thunder
  9. Nighttime Ride
  10. Fire Of Love
  11. Party Killer
  12. World Is Over/li>

Night Terrors

€ 12/15

(+ € 3 postage)


Black Sheriff's third on
CD (€ 12) or Vinyl (€ 15)!

Track List
  1. Turn Me On
  2. Night Terrors
  3. AC/DC Sunday
  4. Crucify
  5. Be Your Man
  6. Last Night
  7. Starmageddon
  8. Flyin High
  9. Now That You're Gone
  10. Need A Drink
  11. I Want you
  12. Drink And Get High

Hail the king

€ 8

(+ € 3 postage)

Limited Edition Vinyl 10" only 500 pressed!
Released November 2011 on High Noon Records

Track List
  1. Be Your Man
  2. I Want You
  3. Hail The King
  4. Drink And Get High

Black Sheriff II

€ 12

(+ € 3 postage)

2nd Black Sheriff album in Digipack, released June 2010 on Club Scheiße Records

Track List
  1. Hi Fidelity
  2. Snakeskin Pillow
  3. INRI
  4. Hold it Tight
  5. Comin Home
  6. Monkeys of Mayhem
  7. Never Say Die
  8. Be Alone Tonight
  9. Over For You
  10. Winnin Streak
  11. Live Forever
  12. Stole my Heart
  13. In a Dream

Black sheriff

€ 10

(+ € 3 postage)

1st Black Sheriff album, released March 2008 on High Noon Records

Track List
  1. Hard Rock, Country and Rock n Roll
  2. Runnin On Empty
  3. Silly Girl
  4. Crime Scene Instigator
  5. Relationship Ruse
  6. Vietnam
  7. Redemption
  8. One Ain't Enuff
  9. Tequila Smile
  10. Lucys Child

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The Band

Introducing the band members:

Robin Schäfer

Rythhm and Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals and bringin down the bands average age

Stuff: Hagstrom Super Swede | Hiwatt Custom 100 | Marshall Lead 600 4x12 | Hairspray and Eyeliner

Drink: Whisky Sour

Mr Pink

Bass guitar, Backing Vocals, Looking Beautiful, Driving us home

Stuff: Some kinda Fender Bass Guitar

Drink: Anything fluid

Randy De Souza

Drums & Percussion, keeping Glen sober, in general bein a nice guy

Stuff: Premier Resonator 24",14",18" | Sonor Horst Link Signature 14x8 | Bubinga Heavy Paiste 2002 | 14"Heavy Hi-Hat | 17", 19" Thin Crash | 22" Heavy Ride | Vic Firth 5BXtreme

Drink: Beer

Glen Clarke

Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitars, bein a drunk arsehole

Stuff: White Firebird | White SG Special | Black BC Rich Warlock | Marshall JCM 2000 | Marshall JCM 800 4x12 | Tattoos | Cowboy Hat | Shades | Cowboy Boots

Drink: Jack Daniels and Coke | Heineken

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