Black Sheriff has been around since 2007 and still are not dead

What could have been another Mötley Crü:e knock off turned into an even insaner version of The Dead Boys.

Riffs from hell met solos from purgatory and the first 2 albums were burned into history !
After 2 albums Mr Voltage decided to leave the band due to prior engagements and the Fuck Off Rock version of Black Sheriff was born

Featuring Mr. Doc. B. Danger of Fyredogs fame, Mr Randy De Souza and Mr Chris Crapule, "Night Terrors" became the album that the band was looking for.

Rookie Records decided that this shit was not half bad and decided to bring out the next fucked up albums, ending in the last piece of abnormality, "Party Killer"

After 4 albums and around 300 shows, in over 10 countries, with bands like "Anvil, Supersuckers, Skew Siskin, Rhino Bucket and The Last Vegas" Black Sheriff are ready to rock the shit out of everything !

An explosive live show featiring songs that will make you dance, laugh and drink, Black Sheriff are the perfect answer to a world where everyone thinks Rock n Roll is dead.

Is it fuck !!
Black Sheriff


"This isn't just riff after riff after riff! This shit is rockin to the honour of bands like AC/DC, THIN LIZZY, and MOTORHEAD. Forget all the trendy bullshit goin on today and go to hell!"

Joachim Hiller - OX Fanzine